Ready to Rack 'Em Up?

Join our local pool league in Waterloo, IA

No bar is complete without a couple of pool tables. Fortunately, we have plenty to choose from at The Loft. We even have a local pool league that's open to all our patrons in Waterloo, IA. You'll get to hone your skills while challenging your friends to some fun competition. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, we'll be happy to have you.

Come for the drinks. Stay for the pool. Visit our bar with pool tables this weekend.

Try your hand at popular billiard games

Try your hand at popular billiard games

Tired of playing regular 8-ball? Our local pool league plays a variety of billiard games, including:

  • Bank pool
  • Straight pool
  • Cut throat pool
  • One pocket pool
  • 9-ball and 10-ball pool
You'll have a great time at our bar with pool tables. Learn more about pool league by calling 319-505-2155 now.